Isolate the terms industry and art in the collective memory


"It became too big far too early, doesn't it? ... #film #industry or motion picture industry is almost an oxymoron if you retrace the genesis and ground of both words. There is no such thing. There is a motion picture. And there is an entertainment industry leaning on it. I've always advocated for isolating industry from art in the collective memory. Even if the industry layer chimed in early, like always, the real deep source of profound film making after exploring the new techniques was initially motivated by having a new inspiring art expression. By the way with the most innovations coming from this side and not from the other. Leave the money rules of industry for the entertainment sector and distribution layer later and don't mix it up too early with uncompromised maiden born art. Especially when comparing them economically or on its impact. Not for suppressing the circumstance that art can be entertaining nor entertainment can be inspiring. Both professionally handcrafted and decent. But for the circumstance that pure entertainments motivation as a service at the first glance is something completely different then a real sacrificial artists motivation in a creation process having dialogue inquiries to the society [...] Or would you say that Lightning Over Water plays in the same league than Spiderman? Both decent. But still? By the way: the same goes for music... as I stated on symposiums multiple times. Making no friends with it by the way." 

~ quote of the day | by writer, essayist, novelist, play wright, composer, theater & film director Sebastian Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger