Album production Seryoga No.1 (Music record)

Eveleena becomes supporting act

"Eveleena" is an outstanding talented female soul artist (singer) discovered and signed by the Berlin Label REQQORD music (formerly Slo'Jam) and its founder, the author, novelist, theater and film director, music producer & composer Sebastian "Gilmano" Ugovsky-Strassburger back in 2005 for 3 years. Her fresh soulful and very convincing voice and appearance was very promising and "Gilmano" - so his music producer pseudonym - has pushed her chances for a singing career and her singing skills to the limits.

So she became the supporting act and chorus lead vocal for some of the most successful records of the well-known Ukrainien rap artist Seryoga, who was mainly produced by Gilmano in the next 2 years and she was part of the song "Disco Malaria" (composed and produced by Gilmano, performed by Seryoga & Eveleena), which also occured in one of the commercially most successful movies of all times (No. 6) of Steven Spielberg, "Transformers 3".